So many songs rhyme the words hours and flowers that it hurts. Some songs don’t even try to make it fit, they just do it. Behold an ever growing list of this atrocity in songwriting:

That I should’ve bought you flowers
And held your hand
Should’ve gave you all my hours
– When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars

Day dream
I fell asleep amid the flowers
For a couple of hours
On a beautiful day
– Day Dream In Blue (cover) iMonster

I shadow you for hours
I make like I’m a little deer
Grazing on the flowers
– Babe You Turn Me On Nick Cave

Lying in this bed for hours
And I ain’t sick don’t send me flowers
You can heal me with your powers
And I want you now – I Want You Now Big Sugar

Starin’ up the road
And pray to God I see headlights
I made it down the coast in seventeen hours
Pickin’ me a bouquet of dogwood flowers
– Wagon Wheel Old Crow Medicine Show

We’ll talk for hours
I’ll buy you flowers
You’ll be my company
– We Should’ve Rode The Bumper Cars Keepsake

Drowning in an ocean full of childhood devotion
Where things just didn’t work out like we planned
Seconds, minutes, hours
As the desperation flowers… – Seconds, Minutes, Hours Magna-Fi

I sit and reminisce for many hours
I miss the rain and all the pretty flowers
I dream of all the cities and their towers
And I hope you wonder why
– On The Moon Peter Cincotti

Fly to the warm sand
That would be grand
And in my last few hours
I’d find you some flowers
– All I Need Tom Felton (A.K.A Malfoy from Harry Potter)